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Streamline your workflow with Libraries

Take collaboration to the next level with Libraries, the perfect way to organize your components and reuse them across multiple documents.

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One source of truth

One source of truth

Keep your designs consistent using Library components like Symbols, Text and Layer Styles, Color Variables, and Artboard templates. When you edit an original component in the Library, every document that uses it gets those changes.

Full control

Full control

You can keep Libraries private in My Drafts, make them available across your Workspace, and enable them for specific documents. Plus, you can keep everyone on the same page by starring updates to share with your team.

Better Organization

Better Organization

One Library doesn’t have to rule them all. Instead, you can create a Library for your icons, another for your components, and even one for your brand colors. Then, simply enable the Libraries you’ll need.

Faster workflow

Faster workflow

Kickstart your projects with standardized components that help you iterate fast. Working on a new app? Apple’s official macOS and iOS Sketch Libraries can help you get up to speed faster.

Collaboration made easy

Sync up your team

As soon as you save a Library to your Workspace, it’ll become automatically available for everybody on your team — including any new Editors. People can subscribe to updates and stay in sync with any changes you make.

Share with care

Not all edits are ready for the limelight. With starred updates, you get to choose when to make them public. Design comfortably knowing you can take all the time you need to deliver your best work.

Keep things tidy

Make your life easier with Document Libraries. You can set specific libraries to download automatically for any given document. Plus, you can find what you need more quickly with fewer components to sort through.

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