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Get Sketch for free as a student or educator Do your best work, faster — for free. With access to our design platform you’ll get a whole set of powerful tools, including a Mac app, web app and iPhone app — for design, collaboration, prototyping and handoff. All you need is a macOS compatible device.

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It’s easy to get started

In just two simple steps you can design, prototype and collaborate with your classmates and colleagues (and maybe even your design idols).

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    Sign up for Sketch

    Create your Sketch account and set up your Workspace (no credit card or payment details required). If you already have your own Workspace, you can skip this step!

    Create account Create account
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    Answer a few questions

    Tell us about your student or educator status using our application form — we need a few details as proof of eligibility (that’s all we’ll use those details for). Once we’ve verified you, you’ll have free access for a year!

    Apply for your education status Apply here

P.S. Once you’ve signed up, you can use Sketch for free — for 30 days — while we verify your application.

You’ll need a macOS compatible device to design with Sketch – our Mac app requires macOS Big Sur (11.0.0) or newer.

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Looking for a MacBook or iMac? Try Apple’s Education Store for discounts. Availability may depend on your country.

We can’t wait to see the wonderful things you create, don’t forget to show off your work with #MadeWithSketch

Learn Sketch for free!

Getting your free Workspace is only one step on your journey. You can do great things with Sketch, and we’re here to help you make those great things happen.

Learn Sketch at your own pace

Learn Sketch at your own pace

Our free courses will teach you the foundations to build remarkable things, whether you’re brand new to design, returning to Sketch, or more familiar with other tools.



Is there a particular Sketch feature that you’re eager to master? Or do you have a question about something simple? Our Help Center has FAQs and documentation to help you learn more.

Common questions

  • What's an Education Plan?

    An Education plan includes a free Workspace with 50 GB of storage and Editor seats (depending on your education status) with access to the Mac app for one year.

    Academic Institutions are entitled to a Workspace with multiple seats – dependent on meeting certain criteria.

    Students currently enrolled in studies and employed Teachers can receive a Workspace with 1 Editor seat, which allows access to the Mac app.

    If you’re a Student or Teacher, you can use Sketch for free for as long as the use is part of your studies or the course you’re teaching. Similarly, if you represent an Academic Institution, you can freely offer Sketch to your students as part of your course(s).

  • How do I qualify for an Education plan?

    If you’re a Student, you need to be 16 years of age or older, be enrolled at a College, University, High school, or an online course duration of at least 2 months. Also, if enrolled in a course, it’s required that the course fees are at a minimum the regular cost of Sketch.

    For Teachers, you’ll need to provide proof of your employment. If you’re applying on behalf of an Academic Institution, the Institution must include Sketch as part of the course(s) syllabus.

    We’re afraid that the Educational Plan does not apply to anyone with home-learning or Self-Education, Not-for-Profit organizations, and Marketing departments from Academic Institutions.

  • How long does it take for my request to process?

    After your Workspace has been created and we receive your application form, you should hear from us via email within 2-3 business days. If you do not see any emails from us please check your spam folder and then reach out to us here.

  • How many devices can I use with the Mac app?

    As an Editor, you can use the Mac app across multiple devices simply by signing in with your Sketch account. You can find the steps on how to download and sign into the Mac app here.

    Each Editor in a Workspace can use their own Sketch account to log into the Sketch platform on any device they own – but sharing credentials to access and use Sketch is a violation of our terms of service agreement and may result in the suspension of your account.

  • Do you provide renewals for an Education plan?

    Yes — we’ll gladly renew it for another year! Simply send us your updated course details with the current date, along with your latest tuition invoice or statement.

  • Who doesn’t get to use the free Education Workspace?

    At this time we can’t offer a free Education Workspace for home learning/self-education purposes.

    We can’t grant Education Workspaces to non-profit organizations, start-ups, and marketing departments at educational institutions.

    There’s also a minimum age requirement for an Education Workspace – it’s 16. You might be wondering why. It’s a legal and privacy thing. Everybody who uses Sketch enters into a binding agreement, so our users need to be a minimum age to accept it. We also take privacy rules very seriously, such as the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

  • I want to switch my paid subscription to a free Education Workspace. Will I get a refund for the time I haven’t used?

    We’ll evaluate such cases individually, so do get in touch with us.

  • I have an existing Mac-only license account purchased with an Education discount. Can I switch to the current Education plan?

    Yes! Please review this section here, create a Workspace, and complete the application. Our Customer Support team will then be in touch with you.

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Sketch has this astonishing ability to be welcoming to beginners, yet unrestrained for advanced users. As someone who trains many design teams, this makes Sketch a clear choice as the industry-standard tool for digital design.

Peter Nowell Creator of Font Proofer

We researched various design tools in detail, including those most designers use, and we found Sketch to be the most adequate tool for the job for its user-friendliness, ultra-short learning curve, and price.

Bernardo Henriques Co-founder & CEO at Walkbox
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As the Sketch team probably knows, there’s something quite special about working with a creation tool. We create the artwork and develop the features with certain ideas and use cases in mind, but our users always surprise us.

Guilherme Rambo Co-founder at Chibistudio
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Get Sketch for free!

Whether you’re a student, educator or institution, we’ll have you signed up, verified and making great work in no time.