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Back in 2010, there were no tools made just for UI designers. Creating apps, websites and pixel-perfect icons meant working with software that wasn’t built for this kind of digital craft. And that frustration is where Sketch started.

While Apple was busy launching the iPad, and a new app called Instagram made its way onto our homescreens, we shipped the first version of Sketch.

As a new wave of designers discovered an app built with them in mind, we continued to evolve Sketch, staying true to our mission of giving people tools to design amazing things.

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Our first Mac icon
Today’s Mac icon

In 2012, we won an Apple Design Award. And by 2019, over a million people — from freelancers to the world’s most influential design teams — chose Sketch to work on their next idea. It wasn’t just UI designers who made Sketch their home, either. Over the years, people have used Sketch to draw floorplans, design furniture, create illustrations, and more.

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Work from our incredible community

Today, we’re still building the best editor for the Mac, along with web-based tools for collaboration, feedback and handoff — bringing developers, project managers and clients into the design process.

As Sketch continues to evolve, we want to make creating great designs even more intuitive. And as we grow, we’ll continue to do it in the only way we know how — building thoughtful features, solving real problems, and helping everyone design incredible things.

Right now, Sketch lives in the docks of designers at:

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Our company

As a company, we’ve always believed in walking our own path and doing things a little differently.

96 people
27 countries
0 offices

We’ve never had an office — and we don’t think we ever will. We’re 96 talented people, working across 27 countries, in the places we call home.

We’ve built Sketch with an open file format, so everyone can take what they’ve created into any other app — and anyone can build new tools and workflows around us.

We’ve always sold our product at a fair price. It’s helped us run a sustainable, independent business for over 12 years. And we plan to be here for many more.

Our co-founders, Pieter and Emanuel, remain hands-on to this day. As well as guiding our product, they make sure we stay true to our values and eat our own dogfood.

Careers at

We’re a close-knit team who care deeply about our craft and the details of everything we do. We’ve already made our mark on the industry, but we’re nowhere near finished. Our mission is to help everyone design incredible things — and that’s where you come in.

Our culture

We put trust at the heart of everything we do. Everyone in our team can manage their time and work in a way that makes sense to them.


We strongly believe in owning our work, taking responsibility and figuring things out without fear. Failure is a lesson that helps us move forward.

Even though we’re remote, we believe that collaboration is the best way to make progress, not layers of management and unnecessary process.

We work in the open. Asking questions, discussing ideas, and raising issues openly helps everyone get on the same page and learn from each other.




We don’t set hours, so you can work when it makes sense for you.


Work anywhere

No need to relocate or commute to an office every day.


Annual meetup

Work and play together, in-person, every year.


Unlimited vacation

Plus extra time for honeymoons, moving and starting a family.


Hardware and software

A powerful laptop and any software you need for your job.


Home office budget

For whatever you need — from comfy chairs to standing desks.


Professional development

A generous learning budget to help you develop your skills.


Health & fitness support

We’ll pay toward healthcare costs, as well as gym or sports classes.

Open positions

  1. Open application
    Any team
    Full time
    European Union / United States

Your application process

We value your time and the effort you put in to applying for a role, so we’ll do our best to make your application and interview process as enjoyable as possible.

We aim for no more than four interviews in total, and inform you about what to expect at every stage.

  • 1. Getting to know you

    If we’re interested in your application, we’ll kick things off with a call to get to know you better, understand your current situation, your motivations and your goals.

  • 2. Take-home task

    Often, we’ll ask you to complete a practical exercise to give us an idea of how you work, communicate, and solve problems. This could be a coding challenge, a short writing task or a presentation you’ll give in your next interview. It’s also your chance to see how we work, get to know our product and understand our challenges.

  • 3. A chat in Slack

    Your final interview stages will include a written Slack chat. It’s how we communicate every day at Sketch, and we want to make sure you feel comfortable with it. If it’s your first time interviewing over Slack, don’t worry. Just hit return often, ignore your typos and remember to have fun!

  • 4. Valuable feedback

    Whether you’re successful with us or not, we’ll always give you feedback. We think it’s only fair for the time and effort you put in to applying.

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Press Information

Want to know more about Sketch? Get in touch with us at We’d love to hear from you. You can also download our media kit to get logos, app icons and screenshots.