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Bring your ideas to life and test them with a swipe, tap, hover or press — all in Sketch.

No need for tools like

Hover, press and toggle interactions New

Create life-like interactions that trigger Overlays or hide and show specific layers as you hover, press, click or tap them.

New prototype preview options New


Multiple start points

Multi-directional scrolling New

Whether you’re mocking up a row of cards, an interactive map, or pretty much anything that needs to scroll, you can create what you need and test it out fast.

Embed prototypes anywhere

Share feedback directly on prototypes New

Stay in your flow and add comments in the web app as you test — there’s no need to switch back to the design first.

Create Overlays

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Prototype at the speed of thought

Prototype at the speed of thought

You won’t find endless options and settings that slow you down in Sketch. Connect your Artboards in a couple of clicks, hit play and test things out. Even complex interactions take no time at all to set up.

Life-like interactions without the learning curve

Life-like interactions without the learning curve

From hover, press and toggle effects, to interactive Overlays, you’ll have plenty of tools to prototype with. Whether you’re designing menus, galleries, storefronts or shopping carts, they’ll make it easy to recreate your big ideas.

Share, test, and iterate effortlessly

Share, test, and iterate effortlessly

Share a link with your collaborators to open your prototypes in any web browser. Create client-friendly previews without hints or our UI. Test things out on iPhones and iPads. All without paying for any extra tools.

And so much more...

Need a recap? Missing something? Here’s everything you get when you prototype in Sketch. No additional plugins or third-party apps required.

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Libraries and Smart Layout have changed the way our design team works by driving cohesion across our product suite while providing the flexibility needed to solve our customers' most pressing challenges.

Matt Jankowski Senior Designer, Visual — Morningstar, Inc.

Sketch is the single most important creative tool for our global and remote team of product designers. The ability to drive consistent and cohesive designs with features like Libraries and Smart Layout helps us deliver meaningful digital experiences with speed and flexibility.

Rob Fleming Director — Accenture – Ops Interactive

Our Sketch Workspace is useful in keeping our files organized. The Smart Layout feature has made designing faster and easier, helping our team to be more efficient in the design process.

Melody Budiono SVP of UX — Blibli
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